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Find any concept from Chapter 14 in the textbook: Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relationships Copy word for word how the text defines/describes/explains the concept Give an example of how this concept has manifested itself in the ‘real world’ based on your own experience as an employee or a consumer Explain why you believe your example is a faithful representation of your concept Your example and explanation (parts 2 & 3 above) should be no more than 100 words 14-2a Sources of Expectations If purchase experiences are judged relative to expectations, it is important to understand expectations. The source of expectations that consumers trust most is their own experience. The experience can be direct, as in the last time they shopped at a particular retail outlet, visited a particular coffee shop, saw their dentist, etc. Or the experience can be indirect, and then the experiences we draw from range along a continuum of similarity. For example, the beauty of franchises is that all the outlets in the chain are supposed to resemble each other. So, when visiting a coffee shop in another city that shares the brand of your favorite coffee shop near home, you project that the experience should be roughly the same. The overarch- ing brand is supposed to lend consistent expectations, and we benchmark the performance accordingly. Sources of Expectations Personal experience Friends’ advice Marketing info Third party, such as online ratings

asked 6 hours ago

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