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1.which statement is not true about bacteria a. bacteria are single-celled organism b. bacteria have a distinct nucleus c. bacteria can thrive in all kinds of environment d. bacteria can reproduce both sexually and asexually 2.which statement is true about protozoans? a. protozoans have definite shaped b. protozoans are eukaryotic organisms c. most protozoans depend on other organisms for food d. all of the above 3.which of the following practices will help preventing infections caused by microorganisms? a. jogging, running, and doing regular exercises b. drinking plenty water c. wearing light colored clothes during hot weather d. washing your hands before eating are bacteria beneficial to humans? a. they make our teeth stronger b. they help to digest food in the intestines c. they can cause boils and furuncles d. they can cause skin allergy 5.which of the following best describes where microorganism live? a.underwater warm, humid place c.nearly everywhere d. sunny, dry areas 6.the tse tse fly is a transmission factor for which of the following organisms? a. Trypanosoma gambianse b. plasmodium sp. c. Entamoeba histolytica d. tinea capitis 7.which of the following sets food require microorganism for their production? a. hamburger, French fries, and ice cream b. yogurt, sausage, and soft drinks c. cheese, yogurt, and pickles d. pickles, sausage, and milk 8.which of the following structures protects the bacterial cell from drying and functions for surface attachments and carbohydrates reserve? a. plasma membrane b. pili c. cell wall d. capsule 9.the red tide phenomenon is cause by which kind of microorganism? a. streptococcus bacteria b. dinoflagellates c. yeasts d. Entamoeba histolytica 10.which of the following fungal species is the odd species in the group? a. saccharomyces cerevisae b. penicillium notatum c. tinea capitis d. aspergillus flavus

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what is photosynthesis​

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