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Government plays a huge role in the lives of its citizens, impacting them socially, culturally, and politically. And likewise, the media plays a huge role in politics. The relocation of Japanese-Americans into internment camps during World War II was one of the most deliberate violations of civil freedoms in the history of America. For this activity, you will be analyzing the historical time period surrounding WWII and the treatment of the Japanese during this time. You will also investigate how government policy at the time played a huge role in the lives of Americans. You will need to locate pieces of political communication on these topics and create a slideshow presentation that discusses and explores the following: At least two examples of political communication during WWII (i.e. relocation posters, campaign ads, government produced videos, political cartoon, political speeches, etc.) Evaluate your examples for bias, accuracy, omission, etc. Describe how communication shows the roles of parties, interest groups, media, etc. in shaping policy Explain how the government and government communication affected the lives of citizens at the local, state, and national levels based on your examples At least two examples of socio-cultural aspects of life at this time including arts, literature, publications Describe how each example was impacted by the policy and communication at the time Analyze how current events have been influenced by the examples you’ve given of past trends You may use as few or as many slides that you feel necessary to thoroughly deliver the required information. While you have a lot of creative freedom in the design of your presentation, please make sure that you submit a well-organized presentation that meets the following guidelines: A minimum of one graphic or image on each slide A title for the presentation and a clear title or header on each slide At least one paragraph of text explaining the purpose of each slide and sharing information that you found through your research. please HELPPP. 100 points and brainlyness

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