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Answer 1-6, please help. :)

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Dear newcomers, Congratulations! You three have been chosen to join me in Texas. Though, there are a few regulations that you may want to follow. You must be Catholic, or convert to Catholicism. You must be of good or moral character. You’ll have to improve the land. You must cultivate the land within two years or it will be forfeited. Now, for each and every one of you, there is a reason as to why you have been chosen. Josiah Willis Mr. Willis, you have been chosen for the reason that you are a successful blacksmith of fourteen years. You also seem to have a good family, which will help you gain more land for your duties. I’m sure that your hard work will pay off greatly. Rose Carter Ms. Carter, you have been chosen for your gun skills. You also lack fear of hard work. I do believe that, if so, your attitude is another possession that shows confidence, once is an attitude that I somewhat admire. Ms. Carter, if you do have the confidence of a lion, then use that confidence and make a story in Texas. Richard McNally Mr. McNally, your farming skills is something that I praise, or moreover, endear. Sir, if you will, use that talent of yours and use it with pride and confidence in Texas. I’m sure that your story will be one for the years to come. What do y’all think? (For an essay that was supposed to be written by Steven F. Austin) Also, give me the truth. I am not sensitive to any “It’s bad, you should change some things.” Trust me, I’m a Author. I’m used to that lol.

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Someone help me!!! answer it

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100 points!! Do it pls

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