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ФωФ ballsballsballsballs

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What does Brainly help you with?

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Quieres ser mi novia? ????????

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two true cognates in ASL

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thuyết minh về cây bút bi

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PLEASE HELP! *90 points!* This one you'll have to watch a video called "How language transfomed humanity" on TED, and then solve those questions. Based on the title, How Language Transformed Humanity, what can you infer about this video? If you do not know the answer to how language transformed humanity, what might you guess to be the answer? Pagel explains in a very abbreviated version about why language began to emerge. What does he state as the dilemma that developing a method for communication solved? What early evolutionary scenario does Pagel give to express how we are utterly dependent on language? Do you feel this scenario is relevant and effectively expresses his point? How has language helped us as a species become more prosperous? What are some examples that Pagel gives? In this course we have learned about something called the theory of parallel evolution, or the Candelabra Theory. Although Pagel doesn’t specifically use these terms, he does mention the ideas behind these theories. What does he say? In this unit, you have studied the cultural origins of laws, trade routes, and expansion. How might the development of language (or lack thereof) have helped or hindered the way these aspects of civilization evolved? What is the FOXP2 gene and how does it relate to the evolution of language? What are your thoughts about the implications surrounding the FOXP2 gene? (I've put the other one up which is the same as this, but then another person sends me a link which I can't view it, SO PLEASE NO LINK! PLEASE!)

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who want some dp and pfp ​

Seen 9 months ago kassandra6268 2 answers

who want some dp here?​

Seen 10 months ago kassandra6268 2 answers

kailangan Po Ng kausapplss​

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please answer this I needs it rn

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Hi what y’all doing?

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