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1) Suppose the polar bear was running on land instead of swimming. If the polar bear runs at a speed of about 8.3 m/s, How far will it travel in 10.0 hours?
2) Like the polar bear, The walrus is a strong swimmer, Although it does not have the same endurance. For short periods of time, A walrus can swim at an average speed of 9.7 m/s. How far would a walrus swim at this speed in 3.4 mintues?
3) The maximum posted speed limit on the U.S. interstate highway system is found in rural areas of several western states. This maximum speed is 75 mi/h, or 121 km/h. What is the distance, In kilometers, that a car travels if it moves continuously at this speed for 3 hours and 20 mintues?
4) For normal sitiuations, The minimum speed limit throughout the U.S. interstate highway system is 45 mi/h, ir 72 km/h. How far, In kilometers, Will a car travel if it moves continuously at this speed for 3 hours and 20 mintues?
5) Various types of tree sloths share the honor of being the slowest moving mammals. An average tree sloth moves at a speed of 0.743 m/s. How long does it take a sloth moving at this speed to travel 22.30 m?
6) The longest stretch of straight railroad track lies across the desolate nullarbor plain, Between the Austrailian cities of Adelaide and Perth. The tracks extend a distance of 478 km without a curve. How long would it take a train, Moving at a constant speed of 97 km/h, To travel this length of track?
7) The concorde is the fastest supersonic Passenger jet, How long would the concorde take to travel 6,265 km between New York City and London, Assuming that the jet travels at its maximum speed of 2.150 times 10^3 km/h during the entire trip?
8) The longest distance in a track-and-field event is the 10 km run. The record holder for the women's 10 km run is Wang Junxia of China. Assuming that she ran 10.00 km at an average speed of 5.644 m/s, What was her time?
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