Program Description: Basic User Interface
This program creates the basic user interface code that can be used in the following week’s iLab assignments. The assignment will help you get started using theprogramming environment and some practice with coding. You will also be able to re-use much, if not all, of the code in later assignments.
In this program, you will create the following methods:
1. displayApplicationInformation, which will provide the program user some basic information about the program.
2. displayDivider, which will provide a meaningful output separator between different sections of the program output.
3. getInput, which is a generalized function that will prompt the user for a specific type of information, then return the string representation of the userinput.
4. terminateApplication, which provides a program termination message and then terminates the application.
Using these methods, you will construct a program that prompts the user for the following:
1. Their name, which will be a string data type
2. Their age, which will be an integer data type
3. The gas mileage for their car, which will be a double data type
4. Display the collected information
Also, note that the program should contain a well documented program header.
//Program Header
//Program Name: Basic User Interface
//Programmer: Your Name
//CIS247, Week 1 Lab
Start main
//declare variables
input as string
name as string
age as integer
mileage as double
call displayApplicationInformation
call displayDivider(“Start Program”)
call displayDivider(“Get Name”)
set name = getInput(“Your Name”)
display “Your name is: “ + name
call displayDivider(“Get Age”)
set input = getInput(“Your Age”)
set age = convert input to integer
display “Your age is: “ + age
call displayDivider(“Get Mileage”)
set input = getInput(“Gas Mileage”)
set mileage = convert input to double
display “Your car MPG is: “ + mileage
call terminateApplication
end main program
procedure displayApplicationInformation
display “Welcome the Basic User Interface Program”
display “CIS247, Week 1 Lab”
display “Name: YOUR NAME”
display “This program accepts user input as a string, then makes the appropriate data conversion and displays the results”
end procedure
procedure displayDivider(string outputTitle)
display “**************** “ + outputTitle + “****************”
end procedure
function getInput(string inputType) as string
strInput as string
display “Enter the “ + inputType
get strInput
return strInput
end function
procedure terminateApplication
display “Thank you for using the Basic User Interface program”
exit application
end procedure

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