My father, arthur h. keller, was a captain in the confederate army, and my mother, kate adams, was his second wife and many years younger. her grandfather, benjamin adams, married susanna e. goodhue, and lived in newbury, massachusetts, for many years. their son, charles adams, was born in newburyport, massachusetts, and moved to helena, arkansas. when the civil war broke out, he fought on the side of the south and became a brigadier-general. he married lucy helen everett, who belonged to the same family of everetts as edward everett and dr. edward everett hale. after the war was over the family moved to memphis, tennessee. which is the best source to use to confirm the information in this excerpt? an internet article about confederate soldiers an atlas with maps of the eastern united states a photograph of helen keller as a child a biography with helen keller’s family tree

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