A company claims that the average consumer buys 50 bars of chocolate in a calendar year. Suppose a random sample of 100 consumers displayed the following statistics regarding the number of chocolate bars consumed in a year: X-bar=40, S=25.  A) What are the null and alternative hypotheses to determine if the number of chocolates consumed in a year is actually more or less than 50? (5 marks)Variable Mean St Dev Min Q1 Median Q3 Maxmock 69.2 11.1 35 64.2 73 76.7 85actual 80.4 6.3 63 75 82 84 90Approved BBS Exam Question Paper Template 2021/22 4 of 4 B) Explain briefly what are the Type I and Type II errors. (5 marks) C) Explain and give an example of possible non-response error (5 marks) D) Explain and give an example of possible measurement error (5 marks) E) Discuss types of interviews and its strengths and weaknesses? (10 marks)

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