"I stole a pair of sneakers." . . . ."From a store, or were they on someone's feet?" asked Squid."Uh, neither," Stanley answered. "They belonged to Clyde Livingston."Nobody believed him. . . . Now, as Stanley lay on his cot, he thought it was kind of funny in a way. Nobody had believed him when he said he was innocent. Now, when he said he stole them, nobody believed him either.Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston was a famous baseball player. He'd led the American League in stolen bases over the last three years. He was the only player in history to ever hit four triples in one game.—Holes,
Louis SacharWhat important background information does the author want readers to learn from this flashback?Clyde Livingston’s sneakers were valuable.The other boys were fans of Clyde LivingstonNobody ever believed Stanley’s stories.Clyde Livingston was called “Sweet Feet.”

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