Type your answers to the questions below:Observe an interaction between your friends or family members. Describe the setting and purpose of the interaction. Does it take place over dinner? At the mall? In the hallways at school? In the cafeteria?Next, describe the speakers. What is their relationship to one another? Are they friends? Classmates? Husband and wife? Siblings?Pay attention to what is being said. What is the style of speech used? Is it formal or informal? Provide a few examples.Consider what you've learned about appropriate and inappropriate responses. Now, think about the interaction you just observed. Did the responses seem appropriate to the situation? In other words, were they truthful, did they bring about a desired outcome, and were they kind? Provide at least one or two examples to back up your evaluation.Try to identify any feedback signals. These are verbal or nonverbal responses to a message, such as eye contact, nodding, or gesturing. List any feedback signals you observed and explain how each enhanced or hindered the message.Given what you know about speech styles in informal settings, would you characterize the communicators as competent in the situation you observed? Explain your answer.  

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